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Operable & Folding Partitions, Accordion Doors

Advanced Operable & Folding Partitions
The operable walls manufactured by Advanced Equipment and furnished, installed, and serviced by J&G Building Group are identified as two distinct Series: Alpha® and Sigma®. Each Series is available with several variations of the basic panel construction characteristic of that Series as well as covering including Vinyl, Wall carpet, Wood veneers, Woven fabric, Plastic laminate… to name a few.

SPECIAL NOTE:  “ALPHA” & “SIGMA” welded steel panels exceed 20% recycled content.  Click HERE to read more about Advanced Equipment or…

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Panelfold Operable & Folding Partitions
Each partition is custom made to fit your opening, so that you don’t have to make your opening fit the partition. Panelfold’s partitions have been the perfect solution for millions of customers worldwide.

Panelfold partitions are installed throughout all types of educational institutions, convention centers, hotel conference rooms and meeting rooms, medical and religious facilities, corporate offices, training facilities, restaurants and lounges, apartment complexes and homes worldwide. Because of their design statement and performance, Panelfold partitions have become the product of choice. Click HERE to read more about Panelfold or…

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Panelfold Accordion Doors
Panelfold is the first company in the world to invent, patent and commercialize accordion partitions incorporating flexible panel connector hinges. After five decades, Panelfold partitions remain among the better engineered, more durable and more attractive on the market.Whether you are looking for a space-division solution for your residential, small commercial or large commercial application, Panelfold partitions are trouble free.

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