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Fire Extinguishers & Cabinets

J.L. Industries Fire Extinguishers
J.L. Industries original product line consists of high quality fire extinguishers, cabinets and accessories. They currently offer a variety of extinguishers including their Cosmic Extinguisher (multi-purpose chemical), Mercury Extinguisher (Halotron®), Galaxy Extinguisher (regular dry chemical), Sentinel Extinguisher (carbon dioxide), Saturn Extinguisher (class K wet chemical), 272 Extinguisher (water mist for electrical), and Grenadier Extinguisher (pressured water). They also offer 50-lb units of wheeled multi-purpose chemical and wheeled dry chemical.

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J.L. Industries Fire Extinguisher Cabinets
In the panic of a fire emergency, the breaking of the glass in a fire extinguisher cabinet door can be dangerous. It creates the possibility of injury to people and serious liability to the building owner. J.L. Industries recently modified their existing cabinet cylinder lock design to eliminate the need to break glass to access the extinguisher. The SAF-T-LOK™ cam lock design allows you to open the cabinet door by pulling sharply on the handle, yet secure enough to prevent vandalism typically associated with the standard pull handles.

The SAF-T-LOK gives you the flexibility to choose any door style and glazing option you require.  SAF-T-LOK also provides a safe and fast way to access extinguishers.

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