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Acoustical Ceilings & Walls

Armstrong Commercial Ceilings
Mix beauty and practicality in your commercial space.  Armstrong markets an extensive portfolio of commercial floor and ceiling products available. The company’s global acoustical ceiling and suspension systems business is 90 percent commercial – offices, healthcare, education, retail, transportation and other segments.

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Armstrong Commercial Walls
Why Choose Armstrong Walls and Wall Systems?

  • Improve sound control
  • Reduce noise transmitted through walls
  • Enhanced functionality, durability with chair rail accessories
  • Add rich, warm tones with wood walls
  • Affordable, easy-to-install solution

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Conwed Designscape® Acoustic Walls
Conwed Designscape products perform to your exact acoustical specs – and they beautifully complement the setting. With a heritage of more than 75 years, Conwed Designscape is a leading supplier of custom acoustical walls, ceilings and related products. All designed for range of commercial, institutional, retail and other building types.

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USG Acoustical Ceilings
Exceptional durability and excellent sound control. USG Acoustical Ceilings are perfect for banquet halls, healthcare facilities, private and executive offices, open workspaces, and classrooms.

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